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Over 70 Canadian cities and more than 500 Industry categories search results - by city. Are you listed?

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Website Marketing - Pricing

A small website will cost a one time SEO fee of $199.00 to get listed on the *first page of Google and other search engines. For small businesses we'll tell you before you pay whether or not we think we think we can get you ranked near the top.

SEO Tasks 1-7-Price Break down

Website Size
5 pages
6-10 pages
11-15 pages
16-20 pages

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SEO Tasks 1-7 -What You get-

If you prefer, call and we'll explain everything -888-800-0909.

1 We provide a report on your current search engine rankings with Google, Yahoo and Bing. (Approx 95% of all searches)
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2 Based on our analysis of your Website and that of your competition plus a telephone conversation with you, we develop a list of keywords. These are presented to you in an e-mail report.
3 We examine your web page source files using a browser to see if you have proper page titles and meta tag usage.
4 We insert words from your newly created keyword list into existing tags or create new meta tags for each web page.
5 We use the keys words to create descriptive headers at the top of each of your web pages.
6 Create a territory-covered page with home page link
7 Submit Your Website to the top 5 Search Engines
Additional Premier SEO Tasks - Priced Separately
8 We come up with keyword phrases that we then embed into paragraphs or web pages. These are placed in positions where they will be indexed by the major search engines. Creating new content*
add $15/per page
9 Once your content has been amended, we link your site with Google and carry out 2-3 tasks that will ensure your new content and keywords are registered. Includes adding Google Places and sitemap.
Add $75.00
10 Create text based hyperlinks links and add them as a footer to each pag each page.
add $50.00
11 Create Google Site Map on Google using your Website
add $35.00
12 3 Outside Business Related Directory Links
add $60.00
Other Services
  Website Design
  Hosting Services
$10.95 to $29.95/Month
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